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Why subscribe to CCH Business Focus

services_bfWe provide the CCH Business Focus service to demonstrate our commitment to delivering in depth industry specific information as well as high quality auditing, accounting and tax services. The content is regularly updated and your subscription will entitle you to gain full access throughout the subsequent 12 months. You may wish to look at sample of the information you can expect to find by looking at our sample – we have selected the hairdressing industry.

As a free sample check out our full report on Hairdressers (free).
An overview of the content you can expect to find in the CCH Business Focus Guides includes:

Sector Overview:-

    • An overview of the industry dynamics and a view of how the industry is developing.
    • Opportunities for you to develop?
    • Trade developments
    • Turnover trends
    • Market position
  • Outlook and prospects

Nature of the TradeTake a look at the operating practices and the dynamics impacting your top line and gross operating margin. Opportunities for improving profitability?

    • Operating practices
    • Jargon and special features
    • Sales mix
    • Seasonality
    • Factors affecting sales
    • Prime records
    • Customers, terms offered
  • Suppliers, terms obtained

Start-upIf you are about to start up or have started up in the past 6 months, then this is an information centre you cannot afford to miss:

    • Costs
  • Sources of grant aid

Legislation and regulationWith legislation continuing to be output at an alarming rate, here is an area that identifies the general and specific legislation that you need to be aware of including:

    • Trade specific legislation
    • General legislation
    • Health and safety issues
    • Employment legislation
    • Licensing requirements
  • Sources of further information

Performance IndicatorsFund out how you compare with others in your industry, can you move your margins and profitability? Here you will find:

    • Main performance indicators
    • Ratio trends
    • Factors affecting ratios
  • Other key ratios

Investigation MattersAs accountants we are aware that the Inland Revenue will on occasions ask questions regarding a clients’ accounts. We are experienced at dealing with such enquiries, and thought it might help you to consider an overview of the approach adopted by the Inspector of Taxes:

    • Matters for review
    • Selection process
    • Critical review often look in depth at
    • Interview – we will always be with you should the Inspector require a face-to-face meeting
    • Settlement
  • Business economics exercise

Accountancy MattersSome of the areas we consider when preparing your accounts

VAT PositionAgain, specific comment relating to your industry and VAT

StatisticsHere you will find an index of tables including information such as:

    • Consumer expenditure
    • Demographic trends and projections
    • Number of businesses
    • Levels of disposable income
  • Turnover trends

Further Information

    • Useful addresses
    • Trade associations
  • Specialist publications and journals

Executive SummaryIncludes and overview and ‘skim read’

We recommend that if your industry is included in the library that you subscribe to this service as this will provide valuable insights into your business that will assist you in your business planning.

Alternatively, if your interest lies only with a particular report you can purchase each report individually for just £25.00 (+ VAT) – simply select a trade from one of the seven sectors listed to the side.